Levrack shelving systems are some of the best shelving systems on the market. They combine the top pallet racking and mobile aisle shelving systems, allowing you to create a beautiful yet functional space in your home. Levrack offers a multitude of benefits, and right now, you can get $150 off your online order by using the code “GENESIS” at checkout when you order directly from the Levrack website. Let’s take a look and learn more about this brand and what it has to offer.

An image of a customized shelving unit by Levrack

Customizable Cabinets and Shelving

Levrack shelves are designed to fit into your lifestyle. These shelving systems are completely customizable, giving you full freedom to get exactly what you want and need. From garages and auto body shops, golf courses, schools, and beyond, Levrack has something that will fit every single need. Not only are they customizable, but they are also extremely aesthetic and will match any interior. Find the Levrack that fits your needs today! 

An image of a person using a Levrack shelving system.

Extreme Efficiency

Levrack uses a patented shelving system that is not only suspended but mobile. This allows you to maximize your storage space and get the most from your shelves and cabinets. These shelving systems also give you an alternative to static shelving giving you the ability to increase the amount of space that you have for organization in your home or office. 

An image of a Levrack shelving system being used in a garage setting.

Ultra Durability

All Levrack units are made in the United States, with industrial grade steel. They can hold over three tons of equipment  and they don’t require any motorized parts or complex pieces to assemble! Whether you’re dealing with hunting equipment, tools or just need more space to store your extra stuff, Levrack has the best options for all your needs. The durability allows you to store heavy units, large quantities, or items that need a different home,. You can be rest assured that you’re getting the best of the best with Levrack. 

An image of a person using Levrack shelving.

Why Levrack

Levrack allows you to optimize your space by compacting wasted aisle space into increased storage capacity by up to 100%. It can be installed around existing furniture, columns, or structure features in your home making it extremely flexible.. They are also fully relocatable, giving you the freedom to move around depending on what your space needs. Levrack systems are installed quickly, with just a few simple tools so you don’t need to make any large modifications. These units help keep your space clean, which is great for environments that require a more sterile space. 

Genesis Cabinet Company focuses on finding and delivery the best brands for our customers. This is why we partner with Levrack. They give you a space that is beautiful, functional, and completely customizable for your exact needs and wants. Right now, you can get $150 off your online order by using the code “GENESIS” at checkout on Levracks website. Take advantage of this offer and connect with us with any questions!