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Bringing your vision to life can be quite the journey, with lots of questions along the way. Don’t worry! We are here to help. When working with us, this is what you can expect….



The discovery stage of our process helps us get an initial understanding of your project and serves as a kickstart to get it rolling in an efficient manner.



The design phase of our process is where we begin to dive in deep into the details of your new space. Here we will provide a visulaization of your space and include colors, materials and components that are important for your design.



Meeting in person allows us to go over pricing and possible revisions in an efficient manner, saving us all time and emails. If we got everything right on the first try, fantastic. If not, we are happy to do a revision for you. If it requires more than one revision, we will charge a $1,500 retainer that will be deducted from your final bill.

Kitchen Remodel after a Home Renovation with Genesis Cabinets Denver Colorado



Before we can get your order into production we will need to get final measurements, signatures, and your invoice paid. We will provide a target date for the installation. These dates may change but will do our best to keep you aprised of changes as they come.



Installation planning begins even before the cabinets are complete. We can work to help schedule an installation team, or are happy to work with your team of choice. Providing in-depth instructions for the install team will help the project wrap up as quickly as possible.



It is time to welcome you into your beautiful space. Your dream has finally become reality and we cannot thank you enough for choosing us to help you on this journey. We would love for you to share your thoughts and experiences with us and others.


At Genesis, we are committed to creating beautifully functional spaces with purpose, that have a purpose. As a homeowner, we want your space to offer a relaxing, refreshing atmosphere that invites you in. Through our 6-step process, we will help combined the elements you love to create the room of your dreams, from start to finish. Schedule your free consultation today!


For the past 30 years, Genesis has been working alongside builders, contractors, designers, realtors, architects, and investors to design and build homes across the country. Our goal is to work with our partners making their job easier by providing exceptional customer service, resolving problems quickly and focusing on keeping the customer happy. Contact us today to learn about becoming a Preferred Partner.

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