Why Not to Buy Your Kitchen Cabinets From Home Depot, Lowes, or IKEA

Shop with a local business that cares about your dream home

Sure, it may seem like big box retailers are an obvious choice when it comes to home renovation projects, but that isn’t always the case. Small-businesses have many advantages and less limitations than the big guys which benefit you in the long-term. At Genesis Cabinet, we work hard to win your business and take care of your project from start to finish. In the market for a new kitchen? Come visit us at Genesis Cabinet! We’re ready to turn your dream kitchen space into a reality.

An image of customized kitchen cabinets and side bar.

Unable to Customize Cabinets and Designs

Large retailers like Home Depot don’t allow you to completely customize your new kitchen cabinets in a way that will truly create your dream kitchen. With Genesis Cabinet Company, our team of experts will customize every aspect of your cabinets, from materials to color, size, shape, and more. Your ideal cabinets will be specifically designed to meet your standards and expectations to ensure you’re happy with your kitchen remodel for years to come. 

Kitchen space with smooth, wooden cabinets, a red stovetop oven and french doors.

Not Timeline Focused

Retailers like Ikea don’t care what your timeline is. Instead, it’s a one size fits all model. Genesis Cabinets works into your schedule and prioritizes your timeline. By offering 5 different cabinet lines, we are able to determine which one can meet your deadline. Unlike Lowes and Ikea, our goal is to work with you and not force you into a cookie-cutter model — we are here to help you create a beautiful space with a purpose, for a purpose.

 A nice, large kitchen space with white granite countertops and cabinets.

Quality is Not Guaranteed

We all know that large retailers like Home Depot and Lowes are known for their home renovation products and services, but quality control isn’t hard to manage when you have thousands of stores.? The benefit to working with us is that we have direct relationships with each of the cabinet companies. In some instances we know the owners personally and work closely with them to solve problems when they arise. When you buy cabinets and installation services from the big box retailers, bureaucracy and long hold-times get in the way of solving your problems quickly. Not only do we have close relationships with our cabinet providers, we have personal relationships with our installers, too! We work alongside them to bring you the best quality products and installation possible.

A remodeled kitchen and island with brick finishes and dark brown cabinets.

Won’t Help You From Start to Finish

Most of the time, if you purchase cabinets from a major home renovation company, you’re on your own once the materials are delivered. This is just another reason why not to buy from these establishments ​​— you deserve to work with professionals who care about your remodeling project, and are willing to help you every step of the way. When you partner with Genesis Cabinet, we’ll see the project through from conception to design to installation.

Genesis Cabinet Company focuses on creating beautiful spaces that serve a purpose for you and your family. We’re in this business for you — to make you happy and achieve perfect living spaces. If you’re about to take on a kitchen remodel, we’d love to help! Schedule your free consultation today to get started.